Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Few More Details

This is just a quick post with a bit more details on Philip’s Creek.

Motive Power

Currently, eight locomotives haul traffic through Philip’s Creek. Four of these are shown on the photo.  In addition to these, there are two 48 class locomotives (my favourite NSWGR diesel), Powerline models but now, both fitted with Hollywood Foundry chassis, a Bergs 59 class and a Lloyds 30 class. In addition, there is a Lloyd’s CPH rail motor providing an occasional passenger service between Philip’s Creek and Mt Windeatt. There is only on planned acquisition at this stage, a Trainorama 48 class (when they finally arrive). However, in the long term, I am also targeting a 30T Class and possibly another 50 class.

There is one other locomotive on the layout that is prototypically out of place but is something of an indulgence. I have always had a soft spot for narrow gauge locomotives, so on this layout I have incorporated a short portion of a narrow gauge logging line that moves timber down the mountain to a sawmill at Mount Windeatt.  Prototypically correct for northern NSW in 1971, almost certainly not but as I said, something of an indulgence. I picked up the Roundhouse Shay second hand from the late Peter Leggett’s shop at Hornsby a few years ago.

I made the move to DCC about 2 years ago while in England and purchased a NCE PowerCab.  I had no problems fitting decoders to most of the locomotives but was very nervous about converting the  59 class and the DJH 60 class. Fortunately, Marcus Ammann was kind enough to show me what needed to be done and consequently gave me the courage to tackle the job. Thanks Marcus!

Unfortunately, I have not yet tried to tackle sound although it is very impressive. That will have to wait a bit longer until I can get a few higher priority jobs out of the way.


Hopefully, Philip’s Creek will continue to grow. The immediate plan is for an extension that will allow the creation of another town and more importantly, a small wheat silo. In the longer term, this extension may become part of an upper deck but at the moment, that is more of a concept rather than a firm plan.

Unfortunately, before I can start the extension, I need to get a few non-railway ‘enabling works’ completed. These include building of a garden shed and then moving tools and equipment that are currently taking up space where the extension is to run.

Another long term project is the painting of backdrops. I know I should have done this much earlier but I was impatient, wanting to get things built and running. However, after our return from the UK at the end of February,  I took the opportunity to install the blue painted back drops that you can see on the photos in the previous post. In due course, hopefully these will become proper painted scenes. You may note some black markings on the backdrop behind the Shay. These represent the 'roughing out' of a particular scene.

Current Projects

My most recently completed project was the construction of two BBW wagons.

I am currently starting to build the silo that will become part of the next extension.  The photo shows masking tape strips that I have placed around the silo while I completed the first stage of the weathering. I am attempting to replicate the banding effect that you can see on many silos. The tape probably made the banding too ‘consistent’ but I am working with weathering powders and pastels to mute this effect. More photos later.

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