Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Just a few photos

There hasn't been too much happening at Philip's Creek over the past few weeks with most of my available time being directed to non railway work. However, I thought I would post some recent photos to show a few more details around the layout.

CPH at Mount Windeatt Station

CPH 16 is a Lloyd's kit purchased about 8 years ago but recently withdrawn from service for a while. It has not been running very well despite several attempts to improve the reliability of the pickups. I think I will be investigating an alternate chassis and motor.

The sawmill at Mount Windeatt

Yes I know I need to do some extra work on the ropes

The area shown in this photo used to the original site for the coal mine until I was able to extend the layout by 1200mm.  It has now become a siding combined with the location for a coaling stage and water tank. The coal mine in its new location is the grey blurred shape in the distance at the top right of the photo.

6018 about to take on water

6018 is a DJH kit. When I fitted the dcc decoders to it a few months ago, I took the opportunity to link the front and rear motors electrically. This means that the pickups on both  sections provide power for the two motors. I can never separate the locomotive now but hopefully that won't be necessary. To date, this change has worked very well.

And finally a photo that is not usually found on a model railway blog. Meet Godzilla Kitty aka Sasha, my daughter's cat. She has often decided that the railway provided a nice place to sleep and I can't figure out a way to dissuade her that doesn't cause major domestic friction. However, over the past few weeks with the significant number of thunderstorms, she has excelled herself and at least one MHG has found its way to the floor, twice!

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