Sunday, 29 April 2012

Backdrop Progress

This is just a quick post after a test this morning when we refitted the backdrop to see how things lined up. I have added a few photos to show the progress to date. I was very pleasantly surprised to see how much it seems to lift the Mount Windeatt area of the railway. These few photos capture the progress to date and identify where extra work is needed.

This photo was taken through the garage window being the only place where I could get enough distance to get an overall image.

Still a bit more work to do lining up the road and the terrain in the immediate vicinity.

This area still needs a bit more work with a number of trees to be painted onto the immediate foreground and probably a toning down of the green in the ridge in the middle ground.

Again, this section will also receive more attention. Mount Windeatt, the significant feature in the middle distance has already been recoloured to align the geology of the other visible rock faces. The white objects to the left are meant to be tombstones but need to shrink considerably.

This portion is very promising but the race track in the middle distance still needs finishing.

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