Thursday, 7 June 2012

Silo Progress

Work on the silo has progressed at a slow but steady pace. I thought that it was time to post a few photos of the receiving station which has come together over the past few weeks. I might add that since the photos were taken, the roof has also been fitted. However, again I have run out of CGI. Hopefully Anton will bring a good supply to Thornleigh this weekend.

The receiving station is the last of the major components to be fabricated. Once that element has been painted, I will start the the final assembly and detailing. As I have mentioned previously, although this is nominally a cardboard kit, the cardboard is being used more as a template than the final external surface. Styrene and model CGI are the primary building materials.

And yes, there are easier ways to get a silo!

The apparent sag on the left side has been corrected to some extent when the roof was fitted. However, I will also have to make a few further adjustments once the frame is fixed to the base.

The view from the other side showing most of the framing.

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