Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Change of Scale Weekend

This weekend saw a focus on 1:1 scale locomotives rather than the usual 1:87 version. This is just a quick post with a few photos that may be of interest.

Yesterday, my wife and I took a trip from Sydney to Wollongong hauled by 3642 looking resplendent in its green livery. It was a great trip with a interesting return journey by sea but I have to acknowledge that there was considerably more vertical and lateral movement on the return journey. Fortunately, my lunch stayed where it should for that trip.

This morning, we also heard the unmistakable whistle of a steam locomotive around Hornsby where we live. A quick check of the internet indicated that 3016, normally resident in Canberra, was operating in the area. So this afternoon, there was a quick trip to a nearby overpass to capture a few photos capture 3016 as it returned to Central.

A 36 class is already part of the Philip's Creek roster but a 30T remains on the wish list.

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