Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Some Not So New Arrivals

A month or so ago, I became aware of the impending closure of a very impressive NSWGR HO scale layout because the owner had decided to branch out into bigger and better things. His decision provided the opportunity to reallocate a few items of rolling stock to Philip’s Creek. With an appropriate transfer fee agreed, these items are either now in-service or undergoing refurbishment. Each is intended to supplement particular capabilities at Philip’s Creek.

The first is an unpowered Trainorama 44 class that will provide a double-heading  capability without worrying about setting up consists on the Powercab. It has been nicely weathered and has already entered service working with 4473. It will also run with the other mainline Alcos in the fleet (4512 and 44222). I had contemplated purchasing one of these when they were initially released but for one reason or another didn’t go through with it. Unusually, that earlier lassitude on my part has had a positive outcome.

The other three transferees are intended to expand the passenger services  that currently pass through Philip’s Creek. Two of these, a Lima TAM sleeping car and a Powerline FS carriage, will be added to the mail train consist, while the FO will increase the capacity of the local passenger service.

All three carriages were in 'close to original' condition and consequently, I have commenced a few modifications to align them to the current passenger fleet. Primarily, this involves the addition of malthoid roofs and interior detail.

While the photo opposite looks more like a model of a wrecker's yard, it's actually showing two of the carriages in their current state of refurbishment.

Of the three, the most extensive modifications involve the TAM. It is also the only one of the three carriage types that I have not modified previously. Fortunately, a number of articles from AMRM provided guidance. To bring the carriage into my time period, the crown lights above the windows had to go and I purchased an interior from the Old Dog Model Railway range. The roof is currently undergoing its malthoid aka masking tape treatment with replacement vents and wheels from Hobbyland at Hornsby. Painting and weathering will follow.

Interiors for the FO and FS carriages are on order from the same manufacturer. These carriages will be finished over the next few months as time permits and then pressed into service.

While these additions will probably finalise the mail train consist, the local passenger service will continue to grow by a few more FO, as and when they can be purchased.

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