Thursday, 18 August 2016

LJ Models

A short paragraph in the News section of the current edition of  AMRM noted that LJ Models, the company that manufactures a range of NSW and Victorian card building kits is ceasing production. The article noted that LJ Models had been in operation for around 25 years, and quietly producing an extensive range of HO and N scale products.

I suspect that there are not many NSW and Victorian prototypical layouts that don't include at least one or two of these kits. Philip's Creek is no exception. Indeed, around 50 percent of the structures on the layout are LJ products, and I have included a few photos of some of their models in place on the layout.

Over time there have been some evolution as to the way I have assembled these kits. Most have been constructed with some level of internal detail and I must confess that most of the kits were built with some form of internal reinforcing. Sometimes, the corrugated cladding or roofs have been replaced with commercial products. I also had difficulty folding or bending the smaller parts included in the kits, relying instead on styrene or brass for such detailing.

Now that the company is ceasing production, the final two photos show the last two LJ kits that I will probably construct. Both are sitting in their proposed locations on the branch line now under construction.

AMRM identifies John Thomas as the proprietor of LJ Models. While we have never met, I would like to thank John for his products, his commitment to the hobby and although he doesn't know it, a significant contribution to the development of Philip's Creek.Your efforts have been appreciated!!

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