Sunday, 15 July 2012

More Silo Progress

I just thought I would put up a few photos showing further progress on the silo.

Most of the front detail has been fitted although there is still a lot of weathering yet to be completed. Many of the detail parts came from Keiran Ryan's  etched brass component kit. It was a great purchase but I have to say that the downpipes were a test of patience and I cheated with ladder, using an old one that I found in my tool box.

The silo remains in three component parts, the base, the silos and the receiving station shelter. I will hold off the final gluing and fixing until the very end.

The focus now returns to the receiving area just visible at the rear of the silo.


  1. The weathering has made a big difference ,no silos on my layout but I can appriciate a good modelling job.Good one Phil!

  2. Peter,

    Thanks for your comment. The weathering, particular on the CGI has a way to go.

    The irony of all of this effort is that I too have nowhere to put this on Philip's Creek when it is finished. Until I get the extension (discussed in the previous post) underway, the silo will probably stay as a diorama.

  3. Nice work Phil - good to catch up with you


  4. Dave,

    Thanks. Hope to see your new layout in operation at some time.

    cheers Phil