Tuesday, 23 October 2012

More on the CCH - Two Down, 14 to Go

In an earlier post, I wrote about the start of construction of a fleet of CCH/LCH coal wagons. At the time, I was just about ready to start painting, but two very helpful comments provided extra information allowing me to add some more detail before going to that final step.

The first comment was from Linton (Stonequarry Creek, http://stonequarrycreek.blogspot.com.au/ ) who told me about brake shoes being sold by Ina Lindsay models. I followed up on his information and purchased a set. They are easy to fit, and have worked well. Initially, I used styrene rod to fix each shoe to the body but then decided that brass wire was easier.

The second comment from Alex, (the Mudgee Line, http://mudgeeline.blogspot.com.au/) gave me a link to photos that he had taken of CCH 20031 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/railmod/8005913637/). These proved invaluable particularly for the detail of the opening device for the hopper. I fashioned some brass wire and thin strip to replicate this arrangement.

Many thanks to both gentlemen for their input. It was greatly appreciated.

I purchased two more kits from Joe while at the Liverpool exhibition and also 'lashed out' to buy some brass buffers. For the second pair, I added a little less weight than for the first two. It will be interesting to see if there is any difference in their performance over points.

The production line
I will also be experimenting more with the weathering. Photos that I have seen from the late 1960s indicate that the CCH/LCH fleet had seen better days, and so the weathering should be able to reflect the variety of age and conditions.

So right now, the fleet consists of two completed wagons and two under construction. I’ll progressively purchase and construct kits over the next year or so to build up the fleet. There’s no great hurry and I'm sure other projects will intervene at times.

In service and awaiting pickup

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