Friday 10 November 2023

Leaving Singleton 2

In an earlier post, I wrote about my plans for the part of the layout immediately 'north' of the lower staging yard. Leaving Singleton  Notionally, it is that small portion of the Main North between Singleton and the Hunter River bridge.

The adjacent photo shows the concept for this section as detailed in the earlier post. The scratch-built Albion Hotel is one of key elements of that concept. A paling fence has been used to contain the hotel yard and level crossing lights have been installed adjacent to the hotel on John St.

The scenery construction followed my usual practice of Woolworths 'domestic wipe' disposable towels overlaid with coloured tile grout and then static grass. The very basic backdrops have been hand painted using artist's acrylics. The level crossing lights at John Street and associated flasher unit are HMA products.

While it has taken a while, in many respects, this work is a just an in-fill before the more challenging work associated with the Hunter River crossing. Consequently, a number of details have yet to be added but I don't anticipate this will happen until other scenery elements have been completed. The outstanding tasks include:

  • The back drop including the gaping access to the staging area needs much more work. The foreground of the back drop needs a more urban appearance and the hole need to be screened, possibly with some trees. I also need to work on a method of activation for the level crossing lights. This will be a process of trial and error for me. 

  • Again, the backdrop needs more work to reflect the transition from township to open country. A few more rural fences and isolated trees would probably also enhance the scene.





  • The tree line in the foreground of the backdrop intends to show the course of the Hunter River disappearing into the distance as it meanders its way east towards Newcastle. This needs to be integrated with the bridge site. The water pumping station and associated buildings will also be added.

That said, at least now as 5069 departs Singleton to collect a load of coal from the Philip's Creek Colliery, it's no longer passing through the stark barren white and green landscape shown in the photo at the top of this post. More to follow!





  1. Phil
    Starting to look good. Should be interesting when complete, trains running behind scenery is something I have done since Bylong was first exhibited, much more natural than trains always in front of the scenery.

    Ray P

    1. Ray
      Thanks. I agree that running trains behind some scenic elements is a good idea. We just need to find the balance point between that and the need for easy access to the track for necessary maintenance or possible emergencies.
      cheers Phil